4000 Housing Ideas


Our shed (okay, so its not actually ours yet, but that’s irrelevant. Conceive, Believe, Receive!!) – anyway – on with the show!
As I was saying….Our Shed used to be the machinery shed for the house that’s now on a separate block.

Its a huge [to us] 7.5m x 9m colorbond shed, with 3 roller doors at the front, and an access door at the side.
Inside is just one big open expanse, however a wobbly mezzanine of sorts has previously been put in for storage, which is about 2m x 2m.
At the moment, the shed is about 1/3 full of ‘stuff‘ that belongs to the previous owners, but apart from the personal papers, we’ve managed to include the contents in the sale contract.


Welllll – the previous owners have a flooring company and there is quite a bit of ‘surplus’ stuff being stored in the shed, (carpet tiles, flooring samples etc), as well as two fridges, an amazing metal work bench that runs the full 3/4 width of the shed wall that the access door is on, and another set of shelving that’s over 2m long, and maybe 2.5m high.

All pretty exciting stuff to two women who are about to move from a large 3 bedroom home, into a 3 bay shed!!

So – over the last few weeks, we have had maybe 4000 plans for what we want to do, swirling around in our heads.

Where do we put the bathroom and kitchen – so that its in the best position not only in the house, but also for the septic.
Where do we want the septic – keeping in mind that we may later decide to build a more conventional house?
Do we want everything open-plan except the bathroom, or do we want to close off the bedroom too, so an early riser wont disturb a later sleeper?
Do we want to go fully off-grid, or do we want mains power, and work in other green alternatives?
What will we do about water? Mains? Tanks only? Mains & tanks?

Ahhhhh decisions, decisions, DECISIONS!!!

That’s a big part of the exciting fun though isn’t it….? 🙂




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