Input Wanted!

Before we finish up with writing this weeks blog – we NEED to get some input from you!

Our Strigidae Farm website has had the same ‘look and feel’ for a year now, and we’re thinking about switching it up a bit, and having a change of scenery around the place…

What’s your thoughts folks?
Would you like a change of scenery?
A lighter brighter look?

We’d also like to know how you usually view the Strigidae blog.
Computer, Tablet, Mobile?

We’re thinking it might be easier on some of you if it was more ‘mobile friendly

Or maybe would you rather stick with how it is now?

Please let us know, in the comments below!


  • The Ratrace Losers

    Personally, I like the layout like it is. I generally read blogs on my laptop, since I’m not a tablet guy. So for me it’s either laptop or on my phone with a 5″ screen.

    I don’t like reading long things on my phone. Too much scrolling and the width of the lines are short and my eyes get tired of reading in that format. Turning the phone sideways for a landscape view works, but then the text is too small for my eyes to read comfortably.

    So, I read on the laptop. Also, I tend to be terse when replying on a phone. Only the bare minimum to get my point across since my fingers are about 4x the size of the buttons on my phone’s keyboard. It’s slow and annoying for me t type something long on the phone.

    For example, if I were writing this reply on my phone, I would have said only “I like the layout as-is. I usually read on my laptop because it’s a PITA to read and type replies on my phone.”

    Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t give some attention to mobile users. Since mobile and tablet are how the vast majority of people consume content on the Internet, it’s foolish to alienate them.

    So — I say go for it!

    • TheWhitbys

      Hi Chad.
      Thanks for taking time out to let us know your thoughts…
      We know that you have plenty more on your mind at the moment, and really appreciate that you gave your input.
      Look after you, so you can look after Linda 🙂
      Suzey & Sarah

  • Donna

    I read on a tablet. Your format has been easy to read so far. If you want to change graphics then go for it. A little change up is good. Just don’t make it hard for us old duffers!

    • TheWhitbys

      Hi Donna.
      Thanks for letting us know your thought.
      Also being old duffers – we tend to try and make it readable for ourselves, as well as others – but everyone has a different experience with reading online, so its great to hear how others are experiencing it.
      Thanks so much again,
      Suzey & Sarah

  • Helen

    Generally read it on the computer – don’t have emails on phone – nice and easy to follow and agree with Donna about updating 🙂

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