Marinated Mushrooms

RECIPE: Marinated Mushrooms

This is one of our favourite additions to our Strigidae Farm Salads.
Gives a great little taste of tang and kick, and a nice bit of texture.
Something out of the ordinary!



• 100 g onions (finely chopped ½ cup)
• 40 g pimento (diced ¼ cup)
• 2 cloves garlic (cut in quarters or slices)
• 3 kg mushrooms (small, whole)
• 125 ml lemon juice (½ cup)
• 500 ml oil (Olive oil or salad oil 2 cups)
• 750 ml white vinegar (5% acidity or higher 3 cups)
• 1 tablespoon oregano (dried)
• 1 tablespoon basil (dried)
• 1 tablespoon pickling salt
• 25 black peppercorns
• chilli flakes (optional)



• Prep onion, pimento, garlic, and set aside.
• Wash mushrooms well.
• Put mushrooms in a pot with enough water to cover them, then add the lemon juice.
• Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes covered.
• Drain mushrooms, discard cooking liquid (or save to put in a casserole or similar).
• Cover drained mushrooms to keep warm and set aside.
• In a seperate pot, combine the oil, vinegar, oregano, basil and salt.
• Add onion and pimento
• Carefully bring to the boil, then remove from heat.
• In each jar, put a piece of garlic, 2-3 peppercorns and [optionally] a pinch of salt and a pinch of chilli flakes.
• Fill each jar with mushrooms, leaving a generous 2cm headspace.
• Fill each jar with oil and vinegar mixture, stirring the mixture regularly before adding to each jar to ensure the contents are well mixed. Fill leaving a generous 2cm headspace.
• Debubble all jars, topping up as necessary.
• Wipe jar rims well with a cloth dipped in a little vinegar.
• Put lids on.
• Process in a water-bath or pressure canner for 20 minutes; increasing time as relevant for for your altitude.

(see chart below)

Required processing time in minutes per altitude
0 – 300m
0 – 1000 ft
301 – 900m
1001 – 3000 ft
901 – 1800m
3,001 – 6,000 ft
Above 1800m
6,000 ft +
20 min 25 min 30 min 35 min


Shelf-stable prior to opening.
Refrigerate after opening and use within a 6-8 weeks of opening, for best freshness.

Home-Grown diced vegetables ready to make the marinade for the mushrooms.


Cooling down: then the bands will be removed, the jars wiped down, and they’ll be stored in the Pantry until we need them.

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