its not for everyone

It’s not for everyone…

Last week someone said to us that they don’t know why anyone would want to live in a shed.
And we get that.
It’s not for everyone – but then our idea of fabulous isn’t living in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom show-home with granite benches and a family room.

To us, that’s an absolute utter waste of time and space – but we also get that for some, that floats their boat!

We personally have reached a point in our lives where we don’t feel the need to impress others with our material possessions.

Why clean a four bedroom house when for 95% of the year you only use 1 bedroom, and the extra space doesn’t house loved ones but becomes an overflow pit for collected crap that you don’t know what to do with?

But that’s just where we are in Life – and yep, we definitely get that others have a different view – it was just a comment that we found to be quite interesting…

Anyways – on with the story!

New additions to the Farm of late are ducks!

Initially there, were 3, but at feeding time one morning there, were only two. We’re thinking that maybe a hawk or Constance (our python) had made a meal of the missing duckling…

The remaining two have been named Dani & Dusty.

Three lots of surprise visitors came by in November.

Our middle son and his wife, our eldest daughter with our grandson, and our dearest-man “P”.

It was lovely to have some Family in the home for a wee bit, and as always, lots of love and laughter were shared.

We had some horrific hot weather in the last fortnight, – but it was finally broken with some wonderful rumbling storms and some good soaking rain.

Some folks in our shire were unlucky and also got some damaging hail and mini-tornados through their areas – and quite a bit of damage was done to some of the businesses in town – but apart from a few small branches snapped here and there – we didn’t sustain any damage or flooding.

The power was out for about 7 hours here, but we cranked the generator into life, so we could keep the fridge nice and cold and had a light for cooking.

And – boom – just like that, the paddock and the house yard have greened up nicely, and by the weekend it will be time to start the Summer mowing marathon!

The house-yard was only mown last week, basically just to mulch the plethora of dead leaves that were all over the ground, but now it already needs mowing again, this time because of the length of the newly grown grass!

Both puppies had a haircut this week, and are they’re loving the new short ‘do’ and are much cooler for the experience.

One or other of us has been coming home from work in the middle of the day to wet them down and cool them off, to ensure that they didn’t overheat during the heat-wave.

Lots of plants are throwing flowers, now that they’ve had a bit of a drenching, and there are pops of colour throughout the garden – which gladdens the heart – and our tropical apple tree even has one little baby apple on it!
Very exciting!

The bananas have been released from the tree, and after eating lots of them, we pureed a pile more and have frozen them, ready to be made into banana cakes and smoothies.

And last but not least – there has been another push with getting some more insulation on the walls, as we have more panel arriving sometime soon, to go on said walls.

Due to not physically being able to maneuver the large sheets of termifloor that we had initially set out using for the walls due to its great insulating prosperities and great coverage -we finally gave in and decided (ok, admitted!!) that we couldn’t go forward using the same method.

An evening of research, and we’ve come up with a new plan for the internal walls, and will see how it goes.
Watch this space!!


Its been hot, hot, HOT!

Dusk – about to have a dip!

Molly – cooling down on a hot day.

Hamish – cooling down on a hot day.

Blaze – cooling down in front of the fan.

Three lil ducks – then became two.

Framing for the new interior walls.

Framing packed with insulation.

Insulation above the kitchen bench.

Insulation above the bedroom window.

Our very first baby apple!

Bananas galore!!

Beautiful frangipani.

Dallas memorial frangipani.

Gorgeous flowers on the black bean tree.

Tibuchina flowers

Zucchini flowers and zucchini ready to eat!

Our generator doing its work during the power-out.

Power-outage and its candles and a lamp, with the power being used for the fridge.

Delicious home-made refreshing lemon cordial. Great on a hot day!

Banana pulp ready for freezing.

Our grandson K, being a pussycat.

And BOOM – suddenly the paddock was greeeeen again!


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