What’s Mabilicious?
We’ll get to that in a minute…!

We’ve finally had a few days in a row without rain, and we’re happy-dancing that we can get some mowing done, and have a few less ‘bogged in the paddock’ moments – which has been happening quite a bit around the place of late!! 😐

Pretty much the only thing with wheels that hasn’t had its turn of being bogged, is the Colorado – and even its come close a few times!

A couple of weekends ago, we did a rescue mission of some laying hens from one of the local egg farms.
We got five RIRs which were in pretty ho-hum condition – but they’re looking better and better every day – and have been giving us a few eggs here and there as well.

We have had another addition to our Family as well – but have been holding off on the announcement of her arrival for two reasons.
1 – to make sure she fit in with the rest of our lil family, and
2 – we made an agreement with her previous owner, that we could have a week-long trial with her, and in that same time, he could also request her return if he missed her too much.

So – now that she is all settled in, and her previous family is happy that she is with us – without further ado, we would like to introduce you to Mabi Marbs the Mabilous Wonder Dog.

Marbs is just over 2½ and is a mix of Jack Russell, Staf and Kelpie (with maybe a pinch of Pointer or some such) and she’s as smart as a whip and has the most wonderfully calm and loving personality!

Marbs has had a very busy first week.

She has been shopping, been to the pub for a cheeky entree lunch of some crumbed prawn-tails, been to work numerous times and met lots and lots of different people there, been for a trip to the lake and dipped her toes, knee-caps and nipples in the water before deciding that that was quite enough for her maiden voyage, and been to her first ever obedience class.

She has settled in really well with the other animals.

She couldn’t have cared less about the cats – which was awesome, as she wasn’t raised with cats.
She’ll let off a bark or three to let us know that she thinks that the chooks are a bit close to the house-yard, but otherwise hasn’t shown any interest in chasing them either, even when she has been right down at their pen.

Molly and Hamish have both accepted her well…
Neither are quite sure just yet about actually playing with her, as she’s a speedy lil lady, but we think that that will happen in time, and they haven’t shown snarly jealous type behaviour which has been such a blessing!

Hamish has done a few snaps in her direction in the evening when he’s grumpy, and wanting dinner to hurry up, and not wanting her to come on ‘his’ couch – but she’s been made to lie on the mat on the floor in the evenings during tv time, from day 1 – so not an actual issue, just an issue in Hamishs head lol.

Marbs had pups back in February, following an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, so will be heading to the vets on Monday to be spayed!

It will be good to get back out into the yard again.
The Summer was so brutal and dry that most of the veggie gardens were left unplanted, so it will take a bit of a slog to get them back up and running again, but the cooler weather will make that so very much easier, and more enjoyable!

And for some more super-exciting update news…

– We finally installed our new loo – and its a bewdy!!

– We got given a pile of limes from the neighbours – so have made some lime cordial.

– Easter saw us make our own hot cross buns, when the shops had sold out by the time we remembered to buy some.

– We’ve put one of the IBC pods up on blocks, and now have it as a permanent water source down at Cluck Manor.

– the wanna-be food-forest bananas have thrown off another wonderful big bunch of bananas that are busy getting bigger by the day

Its definitely been a busy time – but then again that’s not so out of the ordinary… 😀


Rippling muscles on our new lil girl…
Our new RIR rescue chookens
raising hot cross buns
Marbs at Peeramon Pub
Compost tumbler all ready to go!
Just need to add the guttering to Cluck Manor so it runs into the pod.
Lime cordial
Marbs at work
Just like a new loo!
Beautiful brown-eyed girl!


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