March Monsoons

As happens in the monsoon season — its been raining.

And raining and raining and raining!!

Its definitely been a proper wet season so far this year, and one that we have needed, as despite how wet it was this time last year, we really didn’t end up getting our ‘usual’ amount, for where we live.

We heard on the radio the other evening that Darwin has had over a meter and a half of rain already!!

The front wheels (literally) fell off the mower a couple of weeks ago – yes the new one (!!) – and so it has been into the shop for repairs.

It seemed to take ages to get it back, particularly since we were watching the grass grow at least ½ an inch a day, and there wasn’t anything we could do about it – and even if we had been able to call someone in to slash it, it would have been pointless as they would have got bogged!

The day that it finally got dropped back to the Farm, it was straight into the saddle after work to get started on getting the house yard done, and a bit of a dint put in the paddock length.

The first thing to be done was making a track down the Cluck Manor (the chook house) as going down there twice a day was a bit like going on Safari, and not at all pleasant when you have to fight your way through long wet high grass…

We’ve had to cut the paddock grass higher than usual, due to how long it was and how wet the ground is, so it will be a while before we can get it back down to our preferred length, as according to the weather-app-gods, there is still quite a lot more rain to come over the next week at least!

We’ve been having to car-share, which hasn’t been faaaaaabulous, as we haven’t been able to get Billie (the proton ute) out of the driveway, due it it being so muddy and churned up, and Billie being so low-profile that her tires disappear into the ruts and her belly winds up stuck on the centre island 😐

Once the weather eases a bit, we will fill the ruts back up again with bricks as a base, then some deco and road-base, and all will be right again.

Its just that the driveway was already crap thanks to the builder next door totally killing it, and then the recent downpours have just exacerbated it.

In other news of thing that make us crazy, this week – we have a Rodent!

We’ve spotted him a few times, and he’s not only a houdini at dodging a trap, but a wizard at getting into things that he just plain shouldn’t!

Previously – as you may recall – we’ve had the odd issue with Rodents – but this lil bastard has taken it to a wholllllle new level!!

Its seriously annoying enough to find his little black pebble calling-cards all over the place each morning, but the straw that broke the camels back was when he carted off half a loaf of home-made bread, and happily ate a hole right through it.

Now – HE HAS TO DIE!!!

Do not mess with The Mummas bread mate!!

In a totally related matter – the tall Mumma finally had an interaction with Constance the other evening.

Constance is our resident (approx) 180cm [6 foot] long super-fat Carpet Python.

Now Constance is usually a good girl, and sticks to outside the house yard, which she has permission to do – and she particularly likes to sun herself on the cement out by the shed, and watch as the laundry gets done.

However – the other evening – under cloak of darkness when she didn’t think she was going to be busted, she broke the golden rule…

The tall Mumma had headed outside to take the puppies out for their evening ‘pit-stop’, when next thing to be heard is a very determined “Get the dogs back inside“.
On investigation of what had been said, short Mumma sticks her head out the door, with a very graceful and ladylike: “What?” only to again be told – this time through distinctly gritted teeth: “Get the dogs back inside“.

Has any mention been made previously regarding the tall-Mumma not being a huge fan of reptiles?

Soooo – the tall Mumma had wandered out into the garden, and had come very close to standing on poor lil Constance, who was making her way back to bed, after having been on a snack-finding mission at the neighbours place.
And by the look of her belly – the mission had been quite successful, thank you very much!

Alas, she had done her grocery shopping at the neighbours, and not at home like she should be doing, and thus – we still have that damn rodent in-situ, driving us a special kind of mental in the process!!

If Constance doesn’t hurry up and get her shit together and get rid of the lil Bastard – things are gonna get ugly ’round Strigidae.
War has been declared!!

The other ‘animal’ in the drive-us-crazy stakes at the moment, is Spiders!

With all the rain, they have all moved indoors and taken up residence, and each and every single one of ’em, has bought their entire bloody extended family with it.
And it seems that at least ¾ of the extended family is pregnant and promptly gives birth about 5 minutes after moving in.

It also seems that most of them are not very sociable, so they choose not to live in nice compact little groups which could be easily sucked up by the vacuum-cleaner.
Ohhhh noooo – they spread themselves far and wide throughout our little home, of course leaving their silken trails behind them as they go, criss-crossing the place everywhere and wrapping around everything; and with them particularly liking the very highest points of the roofline and inside the beams, so that they’re unreachable even to those whom aren’t horizontally challenged.

Did we mention that the Mozzies have come in with the rain? (Mosquitos)
And nooooo – it seems that our brand of spider does not find mozzies palatably pleasing.
Wouldn’t ya know it!!!! 😐

Lots of going around each day emptying anything that can collect water, and therefor be a breeding ground to the lil blighters, but there is so much water lying around our Community at the moment, that its a losing battle…

And can we just have it put out there that Aerogard is not an aphrodisiac, no matter how you try to spin it!

We haven’t managed to get any more of the cladding done on the front wall due to the weather, which is rather annoying as we cant leave the roller-doors up when its seriously pouring, until its thoroughly clad – so quite a bit of time has been spent with all doors down, and it gets a tad claustrophobic when you can’t see out.

We combat this by movie-watching, so that we don’t notice it so much. lol #FirstWorldProblems

In the midsts of showers last weekend, we did some clearing out of the big veggie beds in readiness for the winter plantings, and even managed to get a few plants into some of the beds.
New batches of tomatoes, beetroot, zucchini, basil and peas have been put in, and the peas already have small little buds of pods on them!!
They have definitely been delighted by the rain!! 😀

And in closing – we’d just like to give eternal thanks to those who helped in any way, when our second-youngest son was hit by a car last week, whilst on his way to work on his motorbike.

Thankfully, all has turned out as fairly well considering – and whilst there will be pain and scarring for some time to come, he’s alive and well, and we can all still be the recipient of his awesome love and hugs, and he gets to continue to be a brilliant Dad to his cherished daughter.

The very best outcome that could possibly be hoped for; but it was a terrifying time for these two Mummas for a while there – so thank you again to those whom helped in any way – big or small…


Tomatoes, basil and zucchini prior to being mulched.


There are pea-shoots hiding there somewhere amongst the sticks!


Cleaning out the old, ready for the new.


A beautiful butterfly slurping up some goodness from the Comfrey.


Another jigsaw done and dusted!


Down at the orchard, the Avocado is bushing up and growing nicely.


Also down at the orchard, the finger-lime has set fruit, and it won’t be too much longer until they’re ready to eat!


Part of the mess that used to be our driveway…


If you look realllllly closely, you can see Constance catching a few half-assed rays, in between downpours.


just a part of the damage that our son was “lucky” to get away with….


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