Hive of Activity


Its a hive of activity here this morning, with bags being dragged out of the shed where they have been packed away for the the last 18 months or so.

Lots of going-through, separating, tossing/donating and washing to be done.

Larry, Lucy and Katie are super-excited to be over-seeing all this activity, because they know that it won’t be long until all of us are heading ‘home‘ for the first time in two years, for a well-earnt break and some down-time…

As many of you may recall, Larry does have a habit of posting on the website from time to time when we’re away and whenever he can sneak in and use the computer.
You may also remember the day that he was invited by the pilot to drive the tram in Wellington….or the night he ordered pizza using our bankcard, when we had gone out alone together for a ‘date-night’!!
He isn’t always a very well-behaved lil lad…! 😐

As strange as it sounds – we had almost forgotten that we had booked this trip – it was so long ago – and whilst it has come around at a not-so-convenient time, there is pretty much never a perfect time to be zipping off and leaving ones life behind – but by the same token it very much needed right now!

Larry, Lucy and Katy ready for an Adventure!

Larry, Lucy and Katy are pretty excited to be getting ready to go home…!


Unpacking clothes.

Soooo many things are going on in this picture, even though the original photo was taken to show the unpacking of some of our “Kiwi clothes” collection.
The barrow which was emptied earlier, is drying out ready for later use.
The buckets have just been used to make up 12L of Laundry Liquid using the recipe from the Dame Washalot post.
On the seat of the picnic table, you can see a piece of timber clamped down, which is in the process of being cut to size for a bench-top for the stove to go on.
And of course, if you watch for just a few minutes – you can see the grass growing!! πŸ˜€


    • TheWhitbys

      Hiiiii Aunty Hel!!!
      I know it says its my Mummas are writing this, but I sneaked onto the lil Mummas laptop and she left it signed in, so I thought I’d say HI!!
      I miss you Aunty Hel and cant wait til you come and cuddle me again.
      And i need some PROTECTION!!!
      Hamish tried to “play” with me the other day, and he was jumping on me and and and STUFF, and I’m just not that kinda lad!
      I know there was that little incident with the sheep when I was up at Russell last time, but thats different – I’m a KIWI dammit! Its expected. Peer pressure and all….ya know how it is…. 😐
      I hope you miss me too Aunty Hel.
      Big Larry cuddles. Love Larry xxxxxxxxxxx

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