• 2020 ridiculousness

    Annnnnd here we are at 2020 – just like that! Even though its barely a month since our last update – we had it pointed out to us in no uncertain terms, that we’ve been a bit slack on the blog of late. We might also note here, that this observation was made by someone who has missed putting out their own Christmas Family Newsletter, for the last couple of years though!!! 🙄😁 Soooo – without further ado, here is a brief rundown of what we have been upto in the last month… (It may be brief!) We’ve been drinking lots of

  • August Update #2

    August Update #2

    And here we are – back again already with round 2 of the August update ! With the heat of last summer gone and the cool days of winter still in the air – it was time to get the big veggie beds back into service. Last summer was so incredibly hot and dry, that there came a point when we decided

  • Hot & Sweaty

    … Sure enough – the heat has come in, and the Farm is getting drier by the minute… And yep – we’re alllll hot & sweaty!! We know that there should be a decent bit of rain on our horizon in the near future, which will bring our little piece of Paradise back to life in no time at all – but

  • Movin’ On

    movin on

    So its finally DONE! We’re finally movin’ on! Nooooo – dont panic – we arent going anywhere – we’re just finally going to be able to slowly pick up threads of our Life again. The house in town has been SOLD, and the new folks (Paul & Rhianna) have begun making their stamp on our lovely little ex-home. It’s going to take them a decent amount of elbow grease, as the poor ole lady has suffered somewhat with the neglect its sustained with not having anyone full-time within her walls for the last year, and you could feel it in those last few weeks, that she’d given up a bit…so…

  • Countdown

    . Its only a few short days until we head off for a couple of weeks of much needed leave. Its been two years since we last ventured away from home, and Life has certainly change a lot from what it looked like back then…

  • Helens Story Pt1

    . EDITORS NOTE: Our Sister Helen, and four more of our Family (Joe, Brodie and their babies) recently survived a severe tropic storm, that was then followed by the hell that was Hurricane Irma – which was then quickly followed by 2 more Hurricanes, Jose and Maria. This is Part 1 of her story… 6 January 2018 To family, friends, & peeps who have watched out for me and helped me out: Hiya folks It’s 4 months to the day since Irma gave us a bit of a lashing and sent us scurrying for shelter, then on to other climes. The story has been long, starting of course a month…

  • Guest Post #2

    . This is Guest Post #2! This one is from our youngest son Thomas – and is his perspective from a visit back in August… NOTE: if anyone one else wants to do a ‘Guest Post’ – just write it up, email it to us, and we’ll get onto the business of formatting it and putting it up!     Well…! HOW INCREDIBLE!! For those of you that know Selina and I, you know that it really doesn’t take much to get us excited! So to try and put into words how amazing this place is, is a challenge to say the least! We arrived back on the Tablelands at…