• wtf 2019?!


    Its nothing short of terrifying to those of us that are getting older, how bloody quickly time marches on… We are obviously well overdue for an update – other than the random posts like the fact that the plants have been flowering – so being that the last proper update was in August, without further ado – let get into it!! September was a biiiiiig month – which started out with

  • October already!

    October Already

    . We’ve had a bit of rain this week! We awoke in the early hours of Saturday morning to the very distant rolls of thunder, and after dozing for a while, the lightning and rain followed, and a lovely unexpected summer storm passed through. On waking on Saturday morning,

  • Festivities, Family & Fun

      . We had a lovely few days surrounded by Family, with everyone getting together for the first time in ages, for the Wedding of our youngest daughter to her beau of 11 years. Its surreal to think thats its already a week ago! 😐 The Friday before the wedding was when all of our family members (except one – sadly Patrick couldn’t join us until the next day) arrived, so we had a barbecue in the evening down on the lakeside. There were about 15 of us all up – and despite the winds picking up and most of the Southerners being caught out by the cold, it was a…

  • MORE visitors and job being done!

    . We’ve certainly had a few cold nights during the first couple of weeks of June, with the mercury hovering seriously close to ZERO °C on a couple of occasions. We’ve also had some light frost and the winds have amped up a bit, which adds to the