• 2020 ridiculousness

    Annnnnd here we are at 2020 – just like that! Even though its barely a month since our last update – we had it pointed out to us in no uncertain terms, that we’ve been a bit slack on the blog of late. We might also note here, that this observation was made by someone who has missed putting out their own Christmas Family Newsletter, for the last couple of years though!!! 🙄😁 Soooo – without further ado, here is a brief rundown of what we have been upto in the last month… (It may be brief!) We’ve been drinking lots of

  • Lemon Cordial

    Lemon Cordial

    Old-fashioned lemon cordial Makes: approx 1.2L Ingredients 1 kg sugar 1 litre water 1 tablespoon citric acid 1 tablespoon tartaric acid zest of two lemons (optional) juice of 6 lemons, strained (350ml once strained) Instructions Add the sugar, water, citric and tartaric acids to a large saucepan over medium heat. Bring to simmering point, stirring continuously until the sugars and acids have completely dissolved. This takes 5-10mins. Stir in the lemon juice. Once cool, bottle. I used a funnel to pour the cordial into used and washed bottles. Notes The original recipe calls for 2kg of sugar, I decided to halve the amount. If you don’t use citric and tartaric…

  • It’s not for everyone…

    its not for everyone

    Last week someone said to us that they don’t know why anyone would want to live in a shed. And we get that. It’s not for everyone - but then our idea of fabulous isn’t living in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom show-home with granite benches and a family room.

  • Hot & Sweaty

    … Sure enough – the heat has come in, and the Farm is getting drier by the minute… And yep – we’re alllll hot & sweaty!! We know that there should be a decent bit of rain on our horizon in the near future, which will bring our little piece of Paradise back to life in no time at all – but

  • Makin’ Things

    Makin' Things

    … Here at Strigidae Farm – its a weekend for Makin’ Things! There is of course – first and foremost – the obligatory Bread Makin’. Then the makin’ of some Laundry Liquid, ‘cos it’s been a few months since we last made some and we’re almost out. We’re hoping to get the makin’ of some

  • Movin’ On

    movin on

    So its finally DONE! We’re finally movin’ on! Nooooo – dont panic – we arent going anywhere – we’re just finally going to be able to slowly pick up threads of our Life again. The house in town has been SOLD, and the new folks (Paul & Rhianna) have begun making their stamp on our lovely little ex-home. It’s going to take them a decent amount of elbow grease, as the poor ole lady has suffered somewhat with the neglect its sustained with not having anyone full-time within her walls for the last year, and you could feel it in those last few weeks, that she’d given up a bit…so…

  • Not feelin’ the ‘love’!

    . There hasn’t been much ‘accomplished’ in the last couple of weeks. Firstly we had about 10 days of much needed rain, which of course made the paddocks super-sloppy, and meant that no mowing could be done during that time, so the grass almost got away from us again – but we managed to get it mown in fits and spurts during a couple of dryish days, when the storms didn’t come in until the afternoon. After the rains, came the insane heatwave that most of Eastern Aus has been experiencing – and with the energy-sapping heat – it meant that just making it through the routine mundane chores that…

  • Hot & Moist

    . We’ve had a couple of weeks of extremes on the weather scale… This time last week we were in the midst of a deluge, and were out in said deluge digging drainage trenches, and watching our 10kg doorstep float away!! The good thing about the rain is it replenished some ground-water, which was badly needed. Everything was getting very dry! It also meant that for the best part of a week, we got away with not having to water the gardens and orchard. This week, we are suffering through 32+ degree heatwaves. [35 today!] A lot of the plants – especially those in the nursery – are sagging from…