The Cat is outta the Bag!

Its one of the coolest morning we have had this winter, and its just rolling into the most gorgeous day!
Everything is crisp, and the sun is shining, and everything just looks beautiful out in the world this morning.

Last weekend, we were going to go out and mow on Sunday, but as luck would have it, the weather came in so mowing wasn’t going to be a possibility.
As such – we ended up doing a trip to Auto-Pro for some degreaser stuff, which we wanted to try out on the shed floor, as it has quite a lot of old grease marks on it – which we really have to try and lift before we can do the epoxying thing.

As one tends to do – we ended up getting more than just the degreaser – and wound up back at the shed, with a bright shiny new red double tool cabinet – which also required some putting together.
So after sliding it off the back of the Ute, and wrangling it into the container – we set forth!

Turns out, the makers of the cabinet – in their infinite wisdom – put the top part of the toolbox inside the bottom part, which was a seriously tight fit, and required dismantling the bottom box, to get the top box out – and then reconstructing the bottom box.
Great idea for space-saving for transport – shitty idea for those who have to undo and redo all that brilliance….

Thankfully – we work well together, so it wasn’t an issue – it just took a bit of time, and some fiddling. Luckily, we’d bought a extra few tools when we’d been at the shop – as they were definitely needed. lol

After that little side-track, we went over to the shed and and started doing a test-patch with the degreaser.
Sprinkled some on the concrete, scrubbed it in with a stiff-bristled broom, then left it to sit for 10 minutes, then came back and gave it another good scrub.
It was definitely looking like this stuff was going to do the job nicely – just needed a rinse off…
Over to the tap to fill the bucket, turn tap on – nothing!

We found out later that our neighbour (Michael) had ended up having his plumber mate over earlier than he’d expected, and as he was there the water got cut whilst he had the time.
Thankfully we’d only done a small test-patch of about 2’ x 2’, so it won’t make a difference that it just soaks back in……well hopefully it won’t! 🙂

In other news, Justin the Electrician and Danny the Plumber have an expected start date of August 15.
Yikes – reading that makes us realise thats only TEN days away!! Eeeeek!!!!

The reality of ‘how little time we have left’ to get things sorted, is something we were actually discussing last night.
We decided at the outset that we needed to have a ‘set date’ to work toward – as we are both more than a little prone to procrastination, unless we are on a timeline.
So we decided that we wanted the house on the market, and us comfortably set up in our shed, by December.
This great plan was made back in about April or May.

Bahhhh – said they – we’ve got monnnnths and monnnnths to get our shit together – said they……!

Then last night it was EEEEEKKKKK – its AUGUST already!!!! lol

And the last big event for this week so far, is that we finally let the cat out of the bag with Family and Friends, and told them of the new adventure we are embarking on with Strigidae Farm.

Almost everyone has been quite positive about our Adventure.
Some are very encouraging.
Some are a little wary and concerned.
However – it seems our youngest daughter (and thus our poor long-suffering son-in-law too) has gone into full-blown panic, and we think she probably has visions of us roaming the main street, dressed in rags, pushing a shopping trolley that contains all our belongs, and sleeping in doorways…. 😐
At this point – we think it might just take a lil more convincing, to get her to see this as the good thing that it is! 🙂

We understand that this isn’t everyones idea of a good plan – but we are quietly and confidently excited about this change to our Lives, and very much looking forward to it.
Yes – it will be hard at the outset – we are under no illusion that we will instantly be living something akin to the 1970s tv show of “The Goode Life”.
Its going to be hard, dirty, frustrating work at times – but its also going to be a fun, amazing, fulfilling and worthwhile adventure – taken on by two people who love each other, have faith in each other, work well together – and who believe in their Dream….


Step 1 - unpack box and find a box within a box! Step 2 - drink some coffee and contemplate...
Step 1 – unpack box and find a box within a box!
Step 2 – drink some coffee and contemplate…


Step 312 - unpack the box within a box now that you got the box within a box, out of the box!
Step 312 – unpack the box within a box now that you got the box within a box, out of the box!


Step 320 - looking pretty darn SNAZZY!
Step 320 – looking pretty darn SNAZZY!



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