Waiting is HARD!

This week has been a week of getting quotes back from various electrical suppliers, checking them against each other – and now haggling with our preferred supplier, to get to price that we are comfortable with and can afford, but that it’s still very much fair to the contractor.

We’ve also had a preliminary quote back from our preferred septic installer, but this will be dependant upon upcoming soil tests.

We’re also waiting for the final approval from the bank, which then makes the contract unconditional – and whilst we are full of confidence – we can’t help but have the occasional wobble, when we wonder if after investing so much emotional energy in this property, how we would deal with it if for some reason it all fell through…

Not gonna lie – the waiting is hard…!!

We went out to the farm today, to do some cleaning up and reorganizing of the slab, in readiness for the when we order the shipping container, that will hold all our worldly goods, as we gradually move from our current home, out to our new home at the farm.

We had a pile of pallets dumped there a few weeks back, so we stacked all those properly, moved the stack of iron that we will be using for the chook pen and garden beds, emptied the two 44 gallon drums full of water, and moved those, and scraped, swept and cleared the slab once done.

We even planted our very first tree [a lillypilly] then plopped down on the grass for a bit, to just enjoy ‘our’ place, and soak up the good vibes πŸ™‚

We only have a small pile of rubble left to move – which we hope to get done next weekend, and once that’s done, and the finance is all settled, we’ll be ready to get the container delivered!!

Slab cleanup
Tree planting time - our first one!

Time for a rest...

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