Official News


The call finalllllllllly came through today – our finance has officially been approved!!!

~~~biiiiiiiiiiig sigh of relief~~~

We’ve both been holding our breath, and both had moments of being scared that something would go wrong, but finally we have got not only the call, but the letter to say its all ‘official’.

Whilst it feels like months and months and months we’ve been hanging by a thread – the reality is, that we only signed the contract 12 days ago – so the actual process, once it finally got started properly, has been very very quick.
(even if it doesn’t feel like that to us!)

We’ve been really fortunate to work with our usual Broker, who always does her very best to make the process as smooth and painless as possible – but there are limits to even her skills lol

We’ll go in to the office tomorrow and sign all the bank docs.
Strigidae Farm will be OURS before the month is out.
Wheeeeheeeeee!!!! 🙂

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