Helens Story Pt1

. EDITORS NOTE: Our Sister Helen, and four more of our Family (Joe, Brodie and their babies) recently survived a severe tropic storm, that was then followed by the hell that was Hurricane Irma – which was then quickly followed by 2 more Hurricanes, Jose and Maria. This is Part 1 of her story… 6 … Read more…

DIY decore


We’ve had some sunny days!!

Oh yes indeed they have been truly glorious, as only crisp sunny winter days can be – thoroughly gorgeous.

Days like the ones we’ve had this week, just bring about a happiness deep in the soul that can be quite hard to explain without sounding like some spaced-out 60s hippy – but suffice to say,

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Cyclone Prep

Looks like we’re in for a ‘compulsory’ weekend clean up around the Farm!! The possibility of a late cyclone has reared its head, and according to the media-of-the-moment, it may well cross the coast late sunday or early monday. Of course cyclones never go according to plan – so its always a case of watch … Read more…