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Short and sweet today! We’ve finally got around to adding an email subscription box to the site – in case you’d like to get Strigidae Farm emails directly sent to you. You’ll find it on our homepage, or in the right hand panel on the website. 🙂

The Wobbles

If anyone happens to have read my angsty little grumble the other day about how much I have ahead of me to do, and was a bit worried or was thinking it unfair that I had so much to do ‘by myself’ – well DONT!! We all have days now and then when we feel … Read moreThe Wobbles

A lil overwhelmed..

Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly decluttering, selling off stuff, cleaning out things, donating stuff and throwing away stuff; all in an effort to try and make this business of ‘downsizing’ a bit easier bit. It’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes, and I don’t think the enormity of the job at … Read moreA lil overwhelmed..

Sign on the Line!

Today is THE day. Its CONTRACT day!!! Finalllllly, after what feels like months of waiting, the Contract for our Farm has now been signed by all parties. Wheeeheeeee!!!! As of 9am, the sellers have signed, and we are on our merry way to getting this unconditional, and settled. (or as our American friends would say: … Read moreSign on the Line!

A Slow Crawl.

As you’ve read, it started back in about April, when we went and had a proper look at the block, did a whole lot of talking and working-out stuff, and some more talking – and then finally made an offer. We were nervous about making an offer, as we pretty much had no savings left … Read moreA Slow Crawl.

And so it began!

Welcome to the inception of Strigidae Farm. Firstly, a little bit of background. We are Suzey & Sarah – married, Mummas of 7, working outside the home as a Sales Executive and a Nurse/Manager, we’re Grand-Mummas to 3 and we are in our 50s! When we first moved up to the Tablelands, we wanted to … Read moreAnd so it began!

Top 50!!!

Well, a lot has gone on of late – and yes – we’ve been poor with blogging, but hopefully we’ll catch up at some point… BUT – to get back to the point – TOP 50!!! What this top 50 business we hear you ask??!!??? Wellllll…. In the “Top 50” is the ranking for a … Read moreTop 50!!!