• madly mulchin’

    madly mulchin'

    A couple of lovely sunny yet still cool Spring days, has seen quite a bit of prep being done around the garden. The wanna-be food forest got a much-needed weeding and mulching, ready for the onslaught of summer, with a nice thick layer of wood-chip. We’re hoping to have all the garden beds better prepared than they were last year – which shouldn’t be too hard, as sadly not a lot of prep got done prior to the previous summers heatwaves and drought. Bit by bit the big veggie beds are being mulched and planted too, and we’ll hopefully get to finishing the mulching down there this weekend. We’re also…

  • August Update #2

    August Update #2

    And here we are – back again already with round 2 of the August update ! With the heat of last summer gone and the cool days of winter still in the air – it was time to get the big veggie beds back into service. Last summer was so incredibly hot and dry, that there came a point when we decided

  • Makin’ Things

    Makin' Things

    … Here at Strigidae Farm – its a weekend for Makin’ Things! There is of course – first and foremost – the obligatory Bread Makin’. Then the makin’ of some Laundry Liquid, ‘cos it’s been a few months since we last made some and we’re almost out. We’re hoping to get the makin’ of some

  • Movin’ On

    movin on

    So its finally DONE! We’re finally movin’ on! Nooooo – dont panic – we arent going anywhere – we’re just finally going to be able to slowly pick up threads of our Life again. The house in town has been SOLD, and the new folks (Paul & Rhianna) have begun making their stamp on our lovely little ex-home. It’s going to take them a decent amount of elbow grease, as the poor ole lady has suffered somewhat with the neglect its sustained with not having anyone full-time within her walls for the last year, and you could feel it in those last few weeks, that she’d given up a bit…so…

  • Helens Story Pt1

    . EDITORS NOTE: Our Sister Helen, and four more of our Family (Joe, Brodie and their babies) recently survived a severe tropic storm, that was then followed by the hell that was Hurricane Irma – which was then quickly followed by 2 more Hurricanes, Jose and Maria. This is Part 1 of her story… 6 January 2018 To family, friends, & peeps who have watched out for me and helped me out: Hiya folks It’s 4 months to the day since Irma gave us a bit of a lashing and sent us scurrying for shelter, then on to other climes. The story has been long, starting of course a month…

  • Hot & Moist

    . We’ve had a couple of weeks of extremes on the weather scale… This time last week we were in the midst of a deluge, and were out in said deluge digging drainage trenches, and watching our 10kg doorstep float away!! The good thing about the rain is it replenished some ground-water, which was badly needed. Everything was getting very dry! It also meant that for the best part of a week, we got away with not having to water the gardens and orchard. This week, we are suffering through 32+ degree heatwaves. [35 today!] A lot of the plants – especially those in the nursery – are sagging from…

  • Time flies…

    . Firstly – we’d like to thank all of you wonderfully kind folks who sent your thoughts, love and support (and $$s!!!) to our Family members who’d been through the trauma of Hurricane Irma… Between the worry for our Family, a bit of down-time with illness, a sneaky weekend away, and work interrupting Life (as it does!) there

  • Kiwi kidults return!

    . We’ve had the kidults that were in New Zealand for most of the last year, back home for the last two weeks. (aka the KWL team) They stayed at the house in town, and have been doing some wonderful work for us while they visited. There has been a lot that they have achieved over the last fortnight