• Hot & Sweaty

    … Sure enough – the heat has come in, and the Farm is getting drier by the minute… And yep – we’re alllll hot & sweaty!! We know that there should be a decent bit of rain on our horizon in the near future, which will bring our little piece of Paradise back to life in no time at all – but

  • September Silliness

    September Silliness

    … It’s time for an update – so here’s a bit of the goings-on during the September silliness season! It’s getting very dry around the Farm, with not really having had any decent rain of any consequence since about March. We’re sooooo much luckier than the poor drought-ridden southern Farms are though, in that we don’t have stock and mass croppings to try and keep going. Its such a tragedy to see… Yep – its dry here, and the lawn is going brown bit by bit, but we not only have water available, but we are super-careful with the water that we do use, even though its easily available to…

  • Countdown

    . Its only a few short days until we head off for a couple of weeks of much needed leave. Its been two years since we last ventured away from home, and Life has certainly change a lot from what it looked like back then…

  • A New Year!

    . Annnnnnd here we are in 2018!! Didn’t that last year just zoom by with ridiculous speed?!? Thats one of those things about getting older – the years definitely feel shorter… Its been a hot dry few weeks, and the gardens – and Us – are definitely feeling the unrelenting heat, which we still have a few months left of. Its been a ‘quiet’ start to the cyclone-season – touchwood! – with only WA having had one small one blow through so far. We’ve planted out a couple of climbers along the fence lines in the last few days – including some passionfruit vines that we grew from seed, from…

  • Festivities, Family & Fun

      . We had a lovely few days surrounded by Family, with everyone getting together for the first time in ages, for the Wedding of our youngest daughter to her beau of 11 years. Its surreal to think thats its already a week ago! 😐 The Friday before the wedding was when all of our family members (except one – sadly Patrick couldn’t join us until the next day) arrived, so we had a barbecue in the evening down on the lakeside. There were about 15 of us all up – and despite the winds picking up and most of the Southerners being caught out by the cold, it was a…

  • Hot & Moist

    . We’ve had a couple of weeks of extremes on the weather scale… This time last week we were in the midst of a deluge, and were out in said deluge digging drainage trenches, and watching our 10kg doorstep float away!! The good thing about the rain is it replenished some ground-water, which was badly needed. Everything was getting very dry! It also meant that for the best part of a week, we got away with not having to water the gardens and orchard. This week, we are suffering through 32+ degree heatwaves. [35 today!] A lot of the plants – especially those in the nursery – are sagging from…

  • Time flies…

    . Firstly – we’d like to thank all of you wonderfully kind folks who sent your thoughts, love and support (and $$s!!!) to our Family members who’d been through the trauma of Hurricane Irma… Between the worry for our Family, a bit of down-time with illness, a sneaky weekend away, and work interrupting Life (as it does!) there

  • Kiwi kidults return!

    . We’ve had the kidults that were in New Zealand for most of the last year, back home for the last two weeks. (aka the KWL team) They stayed at the house in town, and have been doing some wonderful work for us while they visited. There has been a lot that they have achieved over the last fortnight

  • DIY decore

    . We’ve had some sunny days!! Oh yes indeed they have been truly glorious, as only crisp sunny winter days can be – thoroughly gorgeous. Days like the ones we’ve had this week, just bring about a happiness deep in the soul that can be quite hard to explain without sounding like some spaced-out 60s hippy – but suffice to say,

  • Winter Is Coming

    . Its been a big time for us at Strigidae Farm – with a lot going on. So strap in – this might end up being a long one!! Firstly – it has been an incredibly difficult time emotionally for us both,