• Guest Post #2

    . This is Guest Post #2! This one is from our youngest son Thomas – and is his perspective from a visit back in August… NOTE: if anyone one else wants to do a ‘Guest Post’ – just write it up, email it to us, and we’ll get onto the business of formatting it and putting it up!     Well…! HOW INCREDIBLE!! For those of you that know Selina and I, you know that it really doesn’t take much to get us excited! So to try and put into words how amazing this place is, is a challenge to say the least! We arrived back on the Tablelands at…

  • DIY decore

    . We’ve had some sunny days!! Oh yes indeed they have been truly glorious, as only crisp sunny winter days can be – thoroughly gorgeous. Days like the ones we’ve had this week, just bring about a happiness deep in the soul that can be quite hard to explain without sounding like some spaced-out 60s hippy – but suffice to say,

  • Winter Is Coming

    . Its been a big time for us at Strigidae Farm – with a lot going on. So strap in – this might end up being a long one!! Firstly – it has been an incredibly difficult time emotionally for us both,